@GWU_MBK Dominican Republic Journal: Day 5

@GWU_MBK Dominican Republic Journal: Day 5

Jamaal Robateau: In His Own Words:

Today we woke up and went to church. I was expecting to not understand a thing as I assumed they would be preaching in Spanish, but we had an interpreter. We started it off with a prayer and a few songs, then we took a 10-minute break. After the break Coach Craft shared his testimony with the church, which was then followed by a few more songs.

The preacher then began to preach. He spoke on Galatians 5 and Ephesians 6:14. He talked about all the different type of sins, and he used the breastplate the romans used symbolically to protect you from sins. We then prayed and departed before the storm hit.

During the afternoon, we went to another sugar cane village and played with the children. We played baseball, soccer and tag. We had to wrap it up early because it began to storm, so we went to the village church. Daniel and Jose - the village pastors - shared their testimonies with us. It was great seeing how God works in other people's lives in a completely different country.